Atignis – Dusk – Colour Number 3-010

ATIGNIS – DUSKETT – Colour Number 4-10  Grey/Brown Toned:  Type:  Ribbed Berger Loop Pile Pile Carpet  Fibre: 100% CVF Classion Olefin (UV Stabilized).  Colouration:  100% Solution Dyed.  Width 3.66 metres.  Rating:  Residential Heavy Duty.  This carpet is showcased in many new display homes in and around the Perth Area.  The most stunning carpet rug, custom made – you can’t go wrong.  Contact Jane with your size requirements today for a free quote.

Product Description  We Specialise in Making LARGE and to Size Carpet Rugs and Runners (Circles too!) from our off the roll carpet we stock.  Contact Jane today with you size requirements for a free quotation.


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